How to Get Out of the Internet Marketing Funk in 4 Easy Steps

in a funk

If you’ve been in this business for a while (or even if you’re fairly new) you might be stuck in a bit of a funk.

But what is a funk really? Instead of making it more than it is, let’s just say it’s simply a period of non-performance.

Right now you may be questioning why the heck you’re even doing this in the first place.

The reason for your funk might be that you’ve retreated back to living in your head, living in doubt, even after attending trainings and events that have inspired and motivated you.

You may be having thoughts like: “That won’t work for me” or “Easy for him to say” or “I COULD do that, only if I believed in myself!”

You’re certainly not alone. Now is the time to clear it all away and start moving forward again.

#1: Pattern Interrupt

When you start having those feelings of doubt and overwhelm, do something “shocking” to bring you out of it fast.

#2: Increase Your Action

Are you on the court or are you in the stands? It’s time to stop being a spectator and become a player!

#3: What Is Your WHY and Your Vision?

You’ve probably heard the “Find your why” thing so many times that it feels like a cliche! But it’s a vital thing to know! Why are you doing this?

#4: Change your State

It’s taken right from Tony Robbins’ playbook, because it works. You must change your state to get your mind into the zone…ready to achieve the results that you’re after.