About George and Maria 

Who are George and Maria?

We’re a husband and wife team enjoying our “retirement” from the corporate world by, as our slogan says :

Helping YOU Leverage The Power Of The Internet. We do that in two different ways.

  1. We offer two Live TV Streaming services that can relieve families each and every month from the skyrocketing cost of Dish and Cable TV fees.
  2. Helping entrepreneurs and small business owners
    • Launch or grow their business online
    • Get more leads
    • Build their email list
    • Selling online marketing services
    • Distribute MLM products
    • Build a network of relationship marketing professionals

    We’re retired corporate, international marketing executives with nearly 70 collective years of experience. In mid-2003 we left the corporate world to focus our energies on building our own International Marketing business, based online. From the beginning of our 19-year journey in Online Marketing, we surrounded ourselves with some of the best leaders and pioneers in the internet marketing industry.

    • Armand Morin
    • Frank Deardurff
    • Alex Mandossian
    • Mike Stewart
    • JJ Childers

    Each of whom became, and are still our mentors, coaches, and most importantly – friends.


    We’ve always enjoyed building our home-based businesses as a team – GEORGE and MARIA. In a business environment, it’s rare to see one of us without the other. During marketing events and seminars throughout the country, it’s often heard  “It’s George and Maria” or “Where are George and Maria?”. Thus, “George and Maria” became our brand.

    Proven Experience – International Presence 

    Under the umbrella of our corporation – Edelweiss Enterprises Inc., we have:

    • Established two Streaming TV services which cost a fraction of traditional Cable and Dish services and off more choices without additional fees.
    • Been successful distributors for three MLM companies.
    • Helped small business owners secure over $14 Million in small business lines of credit through an offline business we brought online – The Small Business Money Store.
    • Created an international online marketing business offering state-of-the-art website design and hosting.
    • Seen revenues from Google AdSense campaigns grow from .07 cents a day to over $2,500 a day.
    • Helped thousands of people, just like you, achieve their dream of owning a successful home-based business.


    Let Us Help Your Business Leverage The Power Of The internet

    GeorgeAndMaria @ GeorgeAndMaria.com

    (207) 518-8003