Attraction Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Inbound vs Outbound marketingThe stats these days between Attraction Marketing (Inbound) and Outbound Marketing are rather staggering. Marketing has evolved over the years. Especially with the advent of social media and content marketing, people no longer rely on advertisements (or ‘outbound marketing’) to learn about new products, services or opportunities. The new marketing communication (or ‘inbound marketing’) has become a two-way dialogue and much of this is facilitated by social media.

Maria and I rely heavily on social media, blogging and other outlets to generate leads rather than buying MLM leads. After viewing the infographic below you’ll understand why. We implements a strategy known asĀ attraction marketing, and it can work like magic for you and your business when you learn and implement this strategy yourself.

The infographic below does a really great job of illustrating the differences between both inbound and outbound marketing, and why attraction marketing is the way to go!